WPCC Annual Review 2014

WPCC Annual Review 2014 Info Sheet

WPCC Membership Meeting, Wed. Feb. 4th at 6pm

Waite Park Annual Meeting 2015

Neighborhood Meeting Topic: Rail Safety, Nov 5th @ 7pm

WPCC Nov 2014 Meeting - Rail Safety

Audio Minutes from Oct 2014 Problem Properties Panel

First off, our apologies to all our neighbors who didn't hear about our October 1st meeting topic online or by email. The turnaround time for the postcard we prepared was considerably longer than expected. We vow to see that future meeting topics are communicated more broadly in a timely fashion.

For those who were unable to attend, we hope the below audio recording of the panel discussion will be informative and helpful. If you have a specific property you are concerned about, you may contact Farrokh Azmoudeh from the Minneapolis Problem Properties Unit at (612) 673-2233.

Oct 2014 Problem Properties Panel Audio (MP3): Listen/download here

Outline of discussion and audio timeline

1. What should a neighbor do when they notice a property is not being maintained?
2. What should a neighbor do when they encounter a property that displays chronic offenses in not maintaining upkeep? (4:00)
3. What should a neighbor do when facing a conflict with another neighbor that can't be resolved? (18:54)
4. What are the criteria for sending a police officer to a house for noise? (24:35)
5. Would the city consider revising the inspection plan to accommodate conditions supporting wildlife and pollinators in our neighborhood? (28:01)
6. What should a neighbor do about a vacant property? (30:40)
7. What are VBR (vacant building registry) fees for? (41:57)
8. How much sway does the Regulatory Services department have over updating ordinances? (48:38)
9. Who is hired by the city to address nuisances? (53:45)
10. Is there any avenue to get a truly problematic, home-owning neighbor to move? (57:19)
11. Does the Regulatory Services department use arbitrators? (1:00:08)
12. What should a neighbor do about neighbors who are generally not available for conversations? (1:00:40)
13. Could you elaborate on animal welfare problems? (1:02:22)
14. What if a neighbor is hesitant to call about a property? (1:04:48)
15. Does the department track calls initiated by neighbors versus regular inspections? (1:08:14)
16. If a 311 call appears not to result in any action, what should you do to keep up with what is happening? (1:12:17)

Neighborhood Meeting Topic: Problem Properties, Oct 1st @ 7pm

WP proplem properties pcard v01.jpg

Waite Park Voice Newsletter: September 2014

WPVoice-Sept-2014,pdf-1thumb.jpgWatch your mailboxes for the September issue of the Waite Park Voice!

This issues features information on the Fall Festival and Pushcart Derby, WP Pool Construction, and more!

Download the current issue here: 

Feedback and submissions can be sent to waiteparkcc@gmail.com. Editorial submissions for the October/November 2014 issue are due no later than Friday, September 26th.

The Waite Park Voice is mailed to the 2,350 addresses in the Waite Park neighborhood, government officials, local businesses, and other neighborhood organizations. Additional copies are available at the Waite Park Recreation Center and local businesses.

6th Annual Pushcart Derby & Fall Festival

Waite Park Pushcart Derby 2014
It's hard to think 'fall' when it feels like our Minnesota summer has just begun, but Waite Park's big event of the year is a sign of the approaching season to come -the Annual Pushcart Derby & Fall Festival on Saturday, September 13th from 11am-2pm.

Now six years in the running, the Pushcart Derby returns with $400 in combined cash prizes and more fun than you can shake a stick at. We've posted the Official Rules and Registration. There's even a sample cart diagram to work from for building your very own. It's a perfect opportunity for civic groups, local businesses, block clubs, families and friends alike, to show off their creativity, have fun, and maybe put a little cash in their pocket!

In concert with the derby, the Fall Festival will bring back great food, live music, kids entertainment (games and a bouncy house), and an ever-expanding silent auction. The Waite Park Community Garden will also be holding a plant exchange for interested gardeners to purchase plants or donate some of their very own.

Mark it on your calendar and join your neighbors for a memorable Saturday in Waite Park. See you at the races!