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Audio Minutes from April 2016 Gardening Meeting

The following is an audio recording from Waite Park's April 2016 neighborhood meeting regarding Gardening. For those who were unable to attend, we hope the below audio recording of the panel discussion will be informative and helpful.
April 2016 Gardening Audio (MP3): Listen/download here

Audio Minutes from May 2015 Home Remodeling Meeting

The following is an audio recording from Waite Park's May 2015 neighborhood meeting regarding home remodeling. For those who were unable to attend, we hope the below audio recording of the panel discussion will be informative and helpful.

May 2015 Home Remodeling Meeting Audio (MP3): Listen/download here

Audio Minutes from Oct 2014 Problem Properties Panel

First off, our apologies to all our neighbors who didn't hear about our October 1st meeting topic online or by email. The turnaround time for the postcard we prepared was considerably longer than expected. We vow to see that future meeting topics are communicated more broadly in a timely fashion.

For those who were unable to attend, we hope the below audio recording of the panel discussion will be informative and helpful. If you have a specific property you are concerned about, you may contact Farrokh Azmoudeh from the Minneapolis Problem Properties Unit at (612) 673-2233.

Oct 2014 Problem Properties Panel Audio (MP3): Listen/download here

Outline of discussion and audio timeline

1. What should a neighbor do when they notice a property is not being maintained?
2. What should a neighbor do when they encounter a property that displays chronic offenses in not maintaining upkeep? (4:00)
3. What should a neighbor do when facing a conflict with another neighbor that can't be resolved? (18:54)
4. What are the criteria for sending a police officer to a house for noise? (24:35)
5. Would the city consider revising the inspection plan to accommodate conditions supporting wildlife and pollinators in our neighborhood? (28:01)
6. What should a neighbor do about a vacant property? (30:40)
7. What are VBR (vacant building registry) fees for? (41:57)
8. How much sway does the Regulatory Services department have over updating ordinances? (48:38)
9. Who is hired by the city to address nuisances? (53:45)
10. Is there any avenue to get a truly problematic, home-owning neighbor to move? (57:19)
11. Does the Regulatory Services department use arbitrators? (1:00:08)
12. What should a neighbor do about neighbors who are generally not available for conversations? (1:00:40)
13. Could you elaborate on animal welfare problems? (1:02:22)
14. What if a neighbor is hesitant to call about a property? (1:04:48)
15. Does the department track calls initiated by neighbors versus regular inspections? (1:08:14)
16. If a 311 call appears not to result in any action, what should you do to keep up with what is happening? (1:12:17)

WPCC Neighborhood Meeting, Wednesday March 5th

Neighbors, join us this coming Wednesday at 7pm at the Waite Park Rec Center for our monthly meeting. Guest speakers this month include:

  • Forrest Hardy from Public Works: Follow-up regarding crosswalk bump-outs at 34th and Johnson -current plan is to install permanent bumb-outs. For more info, view the flyer.
  • Kory Kleinsasser from Waite Park Church: WP Church has purchased the property at the corner of 33rd and Johnson and will be present to hear feedback on what the neighborhood would like to see happen with the property.

Speakers will wrap up by 8pm and the board will continue with committee reports, unfinished business, and new business until 8:45. View the full agenda.

Also available, minutes from our February Annual Membership Meeting and recent Special Meeting to appoint replacements for Treasurer and Secretary vacancies.

WPCC Board Meeting Minutes, June 2012

Approved and correct July 11th, 2011.


WPCC Meeting Minutes - Jan 2012

January 4th, 2012

Highlights include:

  • Metro Blooms Rain Garden Proposal
  • Joe Guerin joins WPCC Board
  • Nice Ride invited to consider WP location

Waite Park Community Council Meeting Notes

August 3rd, 2011

7:00 Call to order

7:01 Introductions and sign in: Mary Farnham, Ann Kastensen, Anthony Beard, Tia Karelson, Connie Stauffer, Gary Arntsen, Lorraine Dodd, Jeffrey Martin, Jim Stillman

7:05 Financial report (Financial Report Approved)

7:10 Reports - Committee and Special -- 2 minutes or less per speaker:
  1. Minneapolis Parks and Rec Scott Gagnon:
    Fall Program registration & rec plus upcoming. New C.S.A. being added to WP Parks & Rec staff, Scott will move his office to another location.
  2. Community Education Sandy McDonald: N/A
  3. Northeast Chamber of Commerce Rpt Gabe Nelson: N/A
  4. Public Education NE Alita Bergan: N/A
  5. Communications Committee Amy Softich: N/A
  6. Waite Park Community Garden Connie Stauffer:
    Saturday is Community Garden Day event from 6:30pm - 8:30pm. All are welcome.
  7. Waite Park Voice / Web Site Anthony Beard: Next issue deadline August 5th
  8. NRP/CPED Steering Committee Gary Arnsten:
    Remaining NRP phase I money needs to be verified and potentially reallocated.

MOTION: WPCC will amend NRP plan for Home Security Rebate and Block Club Grant programs to extend until 2014. (Motion Approved)

Fall Festival Mary Farnham:
'Be the Match' cross promotion to begin. WP Wesleyan has distributed 400+ handbills to promote Fall Festival 2011. August 13
th workshop on schedule. Minimum age for participation may be lowered to 10 years old for Push Cart Derby.
MOTION: Allocate $200 for Fall Festival Banner (Motion Approved)

7:40 New Business:

WP Housing Program Update: $19,367.55 available for program income to be rolled back into loan programs or by way of NRP plan modification to be used elsewhere. $121,813.70 still available in WP Revolving Loan program and $32,990.00 available in WP Emergency Repair program. Board needs to evaluate best course of action. Will request attendance of GMHC staff at next WP board meeting to further discuss options.

8:00 Adjourn

Next Agenda Setting Meeting: Thursday, August 25, 2011

Next WPCC Meeting:  Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Meetings Held at Waite Park Community Center

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