Homeowner Rebates

The Waite Park Community Council currently has two ongoing rebate programs available to residents of the Waite Park Neighborhood.

deadbolt.jpgThe first program is our $100 Security & Safety Rebate program. The Waite Park Community Council is offering $100 rebates to all Waite Park residents that purchase any security or safety related items each year. All properties in the Waite Park Neighborhood, both residential and commercial, may receive a rebate without regard to participation in other or previous programs. Simply print out and complete the application form below and send it in with the original receipt from the item(s) you purchased. Multiple applications may be submitted, but the total of rebates for any property is limited to $100 per property per year. A list of eligible improvements and the rebate form can be downloaded here:

WPCC Security Rebate Form (PDF)


The second program is a $100 Block Club Rebate within the Waite Park Neighborhood. Waite Park residents who organize a block club event, National Night Out event or another gathering during the year to meet with neighbors. Recipients can be part of a current block club recognized by the Minneapolis Police Department Second Precinct or a block club that hosts at least 1 gathering a year which all block residents are invited, as verified by 2 residents, are eligible for this rebate. Please see the application below for more details.

WPCC Block Club Rebate Form (PDF)

Home Improvement Loan Programs

The Waite Park Community Council in conjunction with the Greater Minneapolis Housing Resource Center have started two new loan programs for Waite Park residents, an Emergency Loan Program and a low-interest Home Improvement Loan Program.

Emergency Repair Loan
The Emergency Repair Loan program is an ongoing program designed to help Waite Park residents get quick access to funds for immediate, emergency home repairs. The Waite Park Community Council Emergency Repair Loan Program is designed to provide financial assistance to homeowners who are in financial hardship circumstances and are unable to receive financing from other sources. This no-interest program allows residents to access up to $7,500 quickly for major home improvements.

Waite Park Revolving Loan
The Waite Park Revolving Loan program allows residents to access up to $15,000 at a low 4% interest rate for general home improvements. Demand for this program is high, so applications for this program are being taken
on a first come, first served basis at the Housing Resource Center (a department of the Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation).

More information on these two loan program and others can be found at gmhchousing.org or by calling 612-588-3033.

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