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WPCC Meeting, Feb. 6th - Emerald Ash Borer

Join us Wednesday, February 6th at 7pm at the Waite Park Recreation Center (1810 34th Avenue NE) for the monthly Waite Park Community Council board meeting. The special guest speaker will be Troy Mason with Rainbow Tree Care.

Troy's presentation will be focused on the growing problem of Emerald Ash Borer (EAB): an overview of the problem, signs and symptoms of EAB, the potential effects upon our city's existing tree canopy and environment, and the benefits and risks of available prevention programs.

Waite Park Neighborhood Survey 2013

WP Neighborhood Survey 2013The 2013 Waite Park Neighborhood Survey should start showing up in mailboxes this week and the WPCC needs your help collecting as many survey responses as possible.

All Waite Park neighborhood residents, property-owners and businesses are invited to submit a completed survey (one submission per household or business please) no later than Wednesday, February 13th.

Your responses will help us understand what you value in our neighborhood and what you think could be improved upon. We plan to compile your responses and use the data to guide us as we define neighborhood priorities and undertake neighborhood projects.

There are three easy ways to complete and submit your survey:

  1. Complete the printed survey you receive in the mail and return it using the postage-paid self-mailer instructions.
  2. Complete the printed survey and attend an upcoming neighborhood meeting to submit your survey in person (WPCC meeting info can be found here)
  3. Using your computer or mobile device, complete the survey online (if submitting online, please do not duplicate your response with a printed submission)

We invite you to make your voice heard and thank you for your participation!

2013 Waite Park Neighborhood Survey -Online Form

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