WPCC Meeting Minutes - Jan 2012

January 4th, 2012

Highlights include:

  • Metro Blooms Rain Garden Proposal
  • Joe Guerin joins WPCC Board
  • Nice Ride invited to consider WP location

Waite Park Community Council Meeting Agenda

January 4, 2012

7:00 Call to order

7:01 Introductions and sign in

7:05 Additions and corrections to agenda (Agenda Approved)
Approval of December monthly minutes (Minutes Approved)
Financial report (Financials Approved)
Motion: Rollover an upcoming CD for another 6 month term. (Motion Approved)

7:10 Guest Speakers and Standing Guests:

Becky Rice (Guest Speaker - Metro Blooms): Metro Bloom has been around since 1983, and is best know for the Minneapolis Garden Awards programs.  In 2005, they started promoting rain gardens.  About 6k people have gone through the rain garden program. In 2009, they started a pilot program with Minneapolis.  This program was up into place to help neighborhood wide rain garden programs. In Audubon neighborhood, they recently installed 30 rain gardens. This has been a great way for neighborhood organizations to do a community wide program.  A rain garden, is an area where water runs off your yard, tulips are planted to prevent the water from going directly into the sewers.  On a residential rain garden, will have a maximum of 160 square foot (100 square foot is most typical).  Typical cost for rain gardens range from $750 to $1,500 - neighbors pay from $100 to $150, up to $300 to $400 for their portion.  $60 for onsite / $60 for a design. They attempt to get the garden built in a day.  After the first 3 years, the garden is considered mature and their is limited maintanance.

Jim Stillman (Guest Speaker - WPCC financial consultant): Jim walked through our current financial picture. How money comes in, out, etc.

7:40 Reports - Committee and Special -- 2 minutes or less per speaker:
  1. Minneapolis Parks and Rec (Deb DeRose): End of this month, at Windom, they are going to have sledding (Jan 25th).  Winter class registration has started.  There is general skating that has opened in Windom.
  2. Fall Festival (Mary Farnham): n/a
  3. Community Education (Sandy McDonald): n/a
  4. Northeast Chamber of Commerce Rpt (Gabe Nelson): There isn't any update, given the holidays.
  5. Public Education NE (Alita Bergan): PEN has been quite with the holidays. Webster school is re-opening.
  6. Waite Park Voice / Web Site (Anthony Beard): The deadline is sometime this week.

Motion: Write a letter to the principle, teacher, and superintendent thanking and commending Lily Griswald for selecting us for her ethnography and give her a t-shirt.  Motion Approved

  1. Communications Committee (Amy Softich):
  2. Waite Park Community Garden (Connie Stauffer): They are getting ready for a steering meeting.  Recently, the hours coordinator dropped out, so they need to add a policy to find a replacement.
  3. Correspondence Committee (Gary Arnsten): there is a new crime prevention specialist for our region.  The NECC added 4 people to the policy board.
  4. NRP/CPED Steering Committee (Gary Arnsten):NRP had its election. NRP went out of business at the end of the year.

8:10 Announcements:
Northeast Network is meeting at the East Side Co-op, on Jan 12 @ 7:30.

8:15 Old Business:
Board Vacancies: Joe Guerin - he has been in Waite Park for 5 years.  He does research on mutual funds and money managers @ RBC.
Motion to confirm Joe Guerin as a member of the WPCC Board. (Motion Approved)

8:20 New Business:
Nice Ride Sharing (Chris Sheppard): This is the bike sharing program.  We would like a nice ride on the corner of Saint Anthony and Johnson St.  
Motion: Direct to Nice Ride, Bike Playing division, Councilman the intersection of Saint Anthony and Johnson St NE (Northside of Saint .  
Motion: Throw WPCC support (writing a letter to Nice Ride, Bike Playing division, Councilman, and Minneapolis Park Board) behind a Nice Ride station at the intersection of Saint Anthony and Johnson St NE (north side of Saint Anthony). (Motion Approved)

9:00 Adjourn

Next Agenda Setting Meeting: Thursday, January 26, 2012

Next WPCC Meeting: Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Meetings Held at Waite Park Community Center

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