Meet Jenny Arneson NE School Board Member this Wednesday

Jenny Arneson, the MPS School Board member that represents Northeast Minneapolis, will be on hand to discuss the proposed recommendations put forth by Minneapolis Public Schools to address increased enrollment in the coming years. 

Our strong Northeast schools have become popular options for parents and students in our area. With the increased popularity comes a surge in student numbers that will affect all of our area schools in the coming years. 

The MPS School Board has proactively begun addressing this issue by creating and implementing a number of strategies that help parents make good decisions on the best school for their children. You can find more details in the presentation below.

Jenny will on hand at the Waite Park Community Council meeting on Wednesday, October 5 at 7:00 at the Waite Park Community Center at 1810 34th Avenue NE to discuss the current proposals and provide an update on the issues surrounding enrollment in Northeast school. Please join us on Wednesday.

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