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The 2012 MSP Home Tour wants your home!

home.jpgWho's your neighborhood's host with the most? 

The community spirited family whose home has great woodwork or a recent makeover? 

The 2012 Minneapolis & Saint Paul Home Tour is already looking for homeowners and home improvement professionals to feature on the late-April tour. Nominations/applications are due Monday, January 16, and early submissions are encouraged. It's the Tour's 25th year, and it will be held April 28 and 29, 2012.
"People attending the tour are looking for ideas on how to remodel or expand their homes," said Tour coordinator Margo Ashmore. "Homeowners on the tour enjoy  feedback and find it's also a great promotion for their neighborhoods."
Contractors often help staff the homes, and homeowners ask family and friends to contribute a few hours hosting. "A good support network makes it fun. It's a great incentive to finish up the last few little projects," Ashmore said. "Recruit help at fall and winter gatherings, and identify clusters of homes to call special attention."
Contractors and other vendors may nominate homes they have worked on, and are encouraged to call for more information about sponsorship. Green, energy efficient, and historically-sensitive remodels and expansions get special notice among the 50 homes. It is not necessary to have remodeled the whole house.
The tour is a celebration of city living that encourages homeowners to improve existing homes, and to complement the neighborhood vibe if they build new. For more information, call Tour Coordinator Margo Ashmore at (612) 867-4874 or email Margo here. The application can be downloaded from www.MSPHomeTour.com under "nominate."

What Is Happening on Central Avenue?

You may have noticed that the Central Avenue median between 27th and 37th Avenue NE was stripped bare and cleaned in late September. For the past several years the median has suffered due to harsh weather, salt and plowing, occasional accidents and overall neglect. Many of the trees and shrubs along the median died off or were severely stressed, but a new plan is in the works to restore the median to a more natural state and resolve a number of long-standing driver and pedestrian issues.

The stripping and regrading is the start of the plan by the Department of Public Works to rebuild a new, sustainable median. The first step is to resculpt the median to hold rainwater better. The previous grading design caused much of the rainwater to run off the median into the storm sewer. 

The new design will simplify the overall variety of plantings, increase sightlines for drivers and pedestrians and provide tree canopy coverage where necessary. The new plantings, along with a better design, should create a better looking median that is easier to maintain while eliminating some of the existing pedestrian and driving difficulties.

The Department of Public Works, Councilman Kevin Reich's office and the surrounding neighborhood organizations, including Waite Park, will be holding special meetings throughout the fall and winter to inform the public on the status of the project and solicit input. Look for more information in the coming issues of the Waite Park Voice and online.

Meredith Fisher joins the Waite Park Community Council

The Waite Park Community Council is pleased to welcome Meredith Fisher as our newest neighborhood board member. 

Meredith has been a Minneapolis resident since 2008. She leads strategic communications efforts for the University of Minnesota's Clinical and Translational Science Institute, and brings experience in marketing and public relations to the Community Council. 

Meet Jenny Arneson NE School Board Member this Wednesday

Jenny Arneson, the MPS School Board member that represents Northeast Minneapolis, will be on hand to discuss the proposed recommendations put forth by Minneapolis Public Schools to address increased enrollment in the coming years. 

Our strong Northeast schools have become popular options for parents and students in our area. With the increased popularity comes a surge in student numbers that will affect all of our area schools in the coming years. 

The MPS School Board has proactively begun addressing this issue by creating and implementing a number of strategies that help parents make good decisions on the best school for their children. You can find more details in the presentation below.

Jenny will on hand at the Waite Park Community Council meeting on Wednesday, October 5 at 7:00 at the Waite Park Community Center at 1810 34th Avenue NE to discuss the current proposals and provide an update on the issues surrounding enrollment in Northeast school. Please join us on Wednesday.

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