2011 06 - Waite Park Community Council Meeting Notes

Waite Park Community Council Meeting Notes

June 1, 2011

7:00 Call to order

7:01 Introductions and sign in: Gabe Nelson, Alita Bergan, Mary Farnham, Ann Kastensen, Anthony Beard, Amy Softich, Tia Karelson, Connie Stauffer, John Harriss, Gary Arntsen, Jeff Martin, Dwight Lindberg, Chris Shepard, Scott Gagnon

7:05 Additions and corrections to agenda (Agenda Approved)
Approval of previous month's minutes (Minutes Approved as Amended)
Financial report (Financial Report Approved)

7:05 Guest Speakers and Standing Guests:

7:05 Reports - Committee and Special -- 2 minutes or less per speaker:
  1. Minneapolis Parks and Rec Scott Gagnon: Just had their first school festival and survived the recent rain. Spring sports and T-Ball are being hosted in WP. Rec-Plus (day care) is currently full, with a waiting list. First outdoor movie coming up on June 27, Yogi Bear. Windom Carnival is also coming up this Friday, June 3rd.
  2. Fall Festival Mary Farnham: Culver's is donating ice cream. "Be the Match" is also going to attend the Fall Festival. Be the Match plans to sign up people for the bone marrow register.
  3. Community Education Sandy McDonald: N/A
  4. Northeast Chamber of Commerce Rpt Gabe Nelson: NE Parade is on Tuesday June 21st. WPCC will be participating in the parade. The parade starts at 6:30.
  5. Public Education NE Alita Bergan: On June 22, 6:00 to 8:00pm, there is going to be a discussion at the Windom Community Center to discuss increased enrollment.
  6. Waite Park Voice / Web Site Anthony Beard: Deadline is this Friday, June 3rd.
  7. Communications Committee Amy Softich: Community energy services recently sent out a flier to all of the residents in NE. We are also moving forward on a welcome package (magnets, coffee mugs, shopping bags, etc.). If there is money left out of the $1,500, we plan to purchase some stickers. Fall festival publicity was also discussed. We are looking to get street signs that signify where our neighborhood boundaries are.
  8. Waite Park Community Garden Connie Stauffer: The garden is full. Connie is meeting with the garden's steering group to discuss communications, which has been an issue in the past. Opening day was May 14th.
  9. Correspondence Committee Gary Arnsten: NRC has a new publication, "In Touch." The new publication discusses community engagement on a frequent basis. The county is resurfacing Stinson through St Anthony Parkway.
  10. NRP/CPED Steering Committee Gary Arnsten: WP lost $37k because of city cuts. NCEC election deadline has been extended through Friday, June 3rd, as not all of the slots were filled.

7:40 Announcements:

Community Energy Services Volunteer Open House - Tuesday, June 14th 6-8pm Logan Recreation Center, 690 13th Ave NE: see above.

NE Parade - Tuesday June 21st: The parade starts at 6:30pm. For people participating in the parade, you need to be at Sherman Yards by 5:30.

7:45 Old Business:


7:45 New Business:


7:45 Adjourn

Next Agenda Setting Meeting: Thursday, June 30, 2011

Next WPCC Meeting: Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Meetings Held at Waite Park Community Center

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