2011 05 - Waite Park Community Council Meeting Notes

Waite Park Community Council Meeting Notes

May 4, 2011

7:00 Call to order

7:01 Introductions and sign in (Gabe Nelson, Alita Bergan, Lorraine Dodd, Mary Farnham, Papdmini Udupa, Ann Kastensen, Anthony Beard, Amy Softich, Cynthia Mueller, Tia Karelson, Jim Stillman, Connie Stauffer, Eric Gilbertson, John Harriss, Gary Arntsen)

7:05 Additions and corrections to agenda (Agenda Adjusted/Approved)
Approval of previous month's minutes (Minutes Adjusted/Approved)
Financial report (Financial Report Adjusted/Approved)

Motion: Jeff Martin and Lorianne Dodd sign off on tax statement. (Motion Approved)

7:10 Guest Speakers and Standing Guests:
  • Cindy Mueller, Waite Park Elementary: Tomorrow, May 5, is kindergarten registration at WP elementary school. There 74 families that have signed up to register (78 students represent a full kindergarten class). Waite Park Carnival, is on May 20 and starts at 5:30. This is a fundraiser for the elementary school.
    May 21st, Edison got a "Go Green" grant. With this grant, students can learn about going green. Chevy Chase will be attending the kickoff for this event.
  • Dr. Papdmini Udupa, Northeast Middle: NE Band is playing on May 20th. NE students council got 1st place honors for conservation. NE middle school is also going to take part in Art-A-Whirl. Spring Wing Ding at Audubon Park on April 30, Sat, where 200 people attended. Softball teams are doing well and showing improvement. MCAs are still in process and will be finished next week. Jacob Wetterling resource presentation on May 10, by the Witheringly Foundation.

7:40 Reports - Committee and Special -- 2 minutes or less per speaker:
  1. Minneapolis Parks and Rec - Scott Gagnon: Spring programs are in full swing. June 3, Windom Park Carnival @ 6:00pm.
Motion: Send a letter to Click and the planning commission to support $150,00 donation to the neighborhood playground and site improvement program. (Motion Approved)
  1. Fall Festival - Mary Farnham: No word on Culver's for ice cream donation, yet. Mary has contacted "Be the Match," but still needs to confirm a date. Monte Dodd will donate his time to assist us in the Parade. Castle Building will be donating a "jumper" to our event. Entertainment for the Fall Festival has been booked.
  2. Community Education - Sandy McDonald: N/A
  3. Northeast Chamber of Commerce Rpt - Gabe Nelson
    May 5,6,7: from 9:00am-5:00pm: Weed it & Reap (NE Clean-up day)
    ay 6, from 7:30am-9:30am: 3rd Annual MSP Business Vitality Index ($30)
    ay 10, from 5:30pm-8:00pm: Best in Business Awards ($75)
    May 18, from 7:30am-9:00am: Art a Whirl Kick Off (free breakfast)
    May 23: from 6:00pm-9:00pm: Chamber Night at the Twins ($75)
  1. Public Education NE - Alita Bergan: Please see above.
  2. Waite Park Voice / Web Site - Anthony Beard: New issue of the Voice is out.
  3. Communications Committee - Amy Softich: The next meeting is on Tuesday, June 17 @ 6:00, at ALM Coffee Cafe. Four Items: Welcome Package, Fall Festival, Signs, and Community Energy Services.
  4. Waite Park Community Garden - Connie Stauffer: April 9 had the open registration. They had 20 open slots and they were all picked up. There are 71 plots and 74 gardeners. Connie suggest that we put together a volunteer calendar. All money has been collected.
  5. Correspondence Committee - Gary Arnsten: The House is having a public hearing to unfreeze NRP money and give it back to the neighborhoods. Minneapolis just released the 2011 Resident Survey. Park board is doing a big overhaul community engagement process.
  6. NRP/CPED Steering Committee - Gary Arnsten: Next meeting is on water quality and the census. Non of our motions passed at the recent NCEC meeting. However, the meeting was very successful.

8:11 Announcements:

Community Energy Services (Amy Softich): Go to the workshop, June 2 @ 6:30, tell your friends and neighbors.

Aquatennial Parade: NRP is going to march in this parade. The parade is July 20 @ 6:30pm.

8:15 Old Business:


8:16 New Business:

NE Parade: The parade is on June 21 (meet @ 5:30 in Shorum Yards). We need people to ride/walk on this float. There was a $125 entry fee. Jeff, Amy Alita, Ann, Anthony, Loiranne, Connie, will be involved in the WP float.

Motion: Write $125 check to the Chamber of Commerice to enter the celebrate NE Minneapolis Parade. (Motion Approved)

Motion: Allocate $75 out of WPCC budget for Amy to buy candy for the NE Parade. (Motion Approved)

Minneapolis Pavement Painting (Connie Stauffer): Connie would like to paint the street to calm traffic. This will be put on the communications schedule.

8:30 Adjourn

Next Agenda Setting Meeting: Thursday, May 26, 2011

Next WPCC Meeting: Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Meetings Held at Waite Park Community Center

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