Neighborhood Input Needed After Burglary

From Carol Oosterhuis at the Second Precinct:

We are notifying you of a recent arrest of an individual in or around your property or your neighborhood.  We are asking that you tell us how you feel about this crime and/or offender and how this impacts your quality of life.  We will give your input to the judge, who will review your input before sentencing.  You do not have to be a direct victim of the crime or see the crime to give us your input. Your input truly makes a difference.

How to write an impact statement?  There is no right format and you don't have to be creative.  Many community members convey the same message on each of the impact statements that they write.

Generally, you can start by stating how you have been impacted: financially, emotionally, physically, and so on.  You can end by describing what you are hoping the court will do:  send the person to jail, order the person to get treatment, order the person to get employment, order the person to stay out of a particular area (i.e. a geographic restriction for a particular neighborhood), sentenced to service for garbage pickup, graffiti removal and so on.
Remember:  it is more important to send an impact statement than to worry about how it is written.  Just send it!  Whatever you write will be presented and can improve the safety of your community.

Keep in mind that your statement can be written and submitted by you or any neighborhood entity, block club, neighborhood association or business.  So, it is perfectly acceptable if you would like to write one on behalf of neighbors, your family, or any other group representing a portion of the neighborhood, provided they have agreed to you doing so.

Please return your statement at least three days prior to the court date to assure that your statement arrives in time for the offender's court appearance. You can download a copy of the Community Impact Statement below.    

Email your statement to: or mail the completed Community Impact Statement Form to:

2nd Precinct Paralegal
2nd Precinct
1911 Central Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418

community impact statements (robert theodore dixon) 091203 wa.doc

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