Waite Park Walks Over 18 Million Steps!

Northeast neighborhoods deserve much applause after 3 months of intense walking!  Back in May, East Side Neighborhood Services (ESNS) challenged all 13 Northeast Minneapolis neighborhoods to form walking clubs and trek the virtual distance of The Appalachian Trail (4.35 million steps!).  Of the 9 teams, 7 teams completed the journey (some neighborhoods had more than one team, so step totals are combined below).  As the numbers show, many return trips occurred:

  1. Waite Park (2 teams)    18,584,437 steps
  2. ESNS (2 teams)    12,616,349
  3. Beltrami (1 team)    11,778,751
  4. NE Park (1 team)      9,958,000
  5. Marshall Terrace (1 team)      8,730,928
  6. St. Anthony West (1 team)      8,373,989
  7. St. Anthony East (1 team)      5,064,105
  8. Bottineau Park (1 team)     1,905,198
  9. Sheridan (1 team)      1,390,628
TOTAL STEPS    78,402,385
Nimbly in just 92 days, 184 walkers logged in 78,402,385 steps or 39,201miles!  18 individuals logged over 1,000,000 steps on their own!! Definitely some serious stepping on our side of town! The top stepper in Northeast was Gordon Bixler of the Waite Park Neighborhood with 2,020,559  individual steps.   

Waite Park (Bywood Blazers and We Don't Waite to Walk teams) walked 18,584,437 steps!  Five of their walkers individually stepped over 1,000,000 steps! East Side Neighborhood Services (ESteppers and Friendship Center teams) handily took 2nd Place Trophy with 12,616,349 steps!  Two of their walkers tracked over 1,000,000 steps each.

Special kudos go to all teams for their efforts to feel better and become fit, while creating and sustaining NE as a vibrant community filled with healthy, active residents. Sincere thanks to the outstanding teams leaders who made this event a success: Margery Powers (Beltrami); Mary Kunza (Bottineau); Angie Manley (ESNS); Susan Sigurdson (Marshall Terrace); Laurie Andersen (NE Park); Susanne and John Peterson (St. Anthony East); Jude Marget (St. Anthony West); Liz Oesterreich (Sheridan); and Mary Farnham, Shel House and Deborah Nelson (Waite Park).

Please come to our NE Walking Celebration event to celebrate the steps of your friends, family and neighbors, plus preview the Holland/ArtShare NE guided-audio walking tours. Join us Saturday, August 29 from 10 a.m.-12 Noon at Bottineau Park, 2000 2nd Street NE, Minneapolis.

Food, fun and prizes await and all are welcome!  Any questions, please call Sheila at ESNS 612-787-4020 or Jennifer at ArtShare 612-623-1512.
This project was supported by Steps to a Healthier Minneapolis and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).  Its contents do not necessarily represent the official view of the HHS.

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