WPCC Monthly Meeting Minutes - April 2009

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Waite Park Community Council
Minutes of Meeting - April 1, 2009



Call-to-Order 7:04 P.M.


Attending: Mary Farnham, Jeffrey Martin, Lorraine Dodd, Barry Hickethier, Kevin Laskowski, Lorrainne Dodd Anthony Beard, Gary Arnsten, Andrea Voss, Tia Karleson, Amy Softich, Jason Schoch, Don Risk, Tim Eian


Agenda, Minutes and Financial Report Moved and Approved


Motion:  To transfer money from CD to Waite Park checking account - Approved


Introduction of Budget Proposal which will be presented for approval at the March Annual Town Meeting


Public Officials & Guest Speakers:

Lois Shapiro, Principal Waite Park Elementary:  Sidewalk will be put in as soon as frost is out of the ground (est. mid-May).  Still working on getting security cameras installed.

Waite Park is getting more funding for English language teachers, will be going to 2, people full day for 4 days a week.

Waite is at 70% free or reduced lunch, which means they are required to go to all-day kindergarten, which had to be funded.  Pledging to continue arts and band programs.  Adding another 3rd grade.  Anticipating a total of 434 students.  Last year's non-salaried budget was $90,000, which has now been reduced to $60,000 for 2009-10 school year.

Arbor day, May 20th, the school will be getting 71 trees, which the kids will help plant.  PTA auction and evening event will be at the Italian American Club, April 18, 7:00pm - 11:00pm


Dr. Padima Udupa, Principal NE Middle School:  Thanked WPCC for the contribution for their performing arts program.  NE Middle School budget looks good.  Will be able to maintain IB, math, science, arts and music.  April 17th 170 students will be going to a NASA science program.  Expecting about 480 students.


Sheila Biernat, Walk NE:  Walk NE program begins May 1 - July 31.  Goal is to collectively walk the length of the Appalacian Trail (2,175 miles).  Waite Park did 18 million steps last year.



  • April 23, NE Chamber is holding a bowling tournament and happy hour at Elsie's
  • City of Mpls in conjunction with TreeTrust.org will be allowing residents to purchase various trees for $25.00.  Signup at http://www.TreeTrust.org or call 651-644-5800.
  • Waite Park will be having at least one home on the Minneapolis Home Tour.


Committee Reports:

Parks & Rec (Larry Umphrey):  NRP funding contract approved by the board.  The park will be getting expanded summer programming and a new sign later this spring.  Budget is about 35% less, but managing to maintain the same number of hours.  Bunny Brunch is April 11 at 11:00am.  Registration for summer programs begins April 18.  Lacrosse will be starting April 25th.  Wrestling team named winter sports team of the year in the Minneapolis Parks system.  Golf and tennis lessons will be part of summer program.


Community Ed (Larry):  Sports arts programs will be held again this summer.  Registration begins April 13.


Fall Festival (Larry):  Nothing new to report.


Push Cart Derby (Mary):  Mary distributed updated fliers, and other general literature on push cart events.  Kevin Laskowski volunteer to do trophies.  Planning on a $5.00 entry fee.  Culvers is donating custard.  Planning on hot dogs and other food.


Motion:  To allocate $250 from board approved projects for an entry into the NE Parade for the push cart derby.


Garden (Rosie):  Garden sign-up is April 11, 10:00am to noon for current gardeners, noon for new gardeners.


2PAC (Nic/Jeffrey): Crime is down 6-13% in the 2nd Precinct versus last year.  Making 500 traffic stops per week, more than double any other precinct.  Update on "Foley Bill" to decriminalize many misdemeanor crimes such as trespassing, noisy residence, etc.  - bill was table.  City Attorney does not support this bill


Northeast Chamber (Barry):  Next breakfast is April 15 at 7:30-9:30 am.  Barry is working with Christine Levens to find businesses interested in sponsoring Push Cart Derby.


Waite Park Voice (Gary):  Deadline for May/June Voice is Thursday April, 23.  Gary passed out new calendar of events.


Correspondence (Gary):  Gary pointed out the GMHC brochure that they left with us at the next meeting, councilperson Ostrow's newsletter and info on the TreeTrust


NRP/CPED: (Gary)  Gary distributed a sheet which explains the proposed elections process for Neighborhood and Community Engagement Commission (NCEC).  City council and park board appointees are already seated.  This is the group/organization that will essentially replace the functions carried out by NRP Policy Board (see attached).


Motion:  To approve the electoral process handed out by Gary -

   Motion to table - motion to table is approved.


NE Bike Task Force (Jeffrey):  No meeting since December.


Old Business:




New Business:


Review of City of Minneapolis.  City is asking neighborhood to review.

   Motion to table discussion -- Approved


Motion:  To adopt a position that we oppose the proposed charter changes regarding the Park Board and Board of Estimates and Taxation - Failed for lack of second


 8:50 Adjourned


Note:  Minutes are not official until approved at the following WPCC meeting.

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