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Waite Park Community Council
Minutes of Meeting - March 4, 2009


WPCC meeting was called to order at 7:04pm
Agenda approved with addition of adding addressing the CDC Community Vison after the financial report.
Minutes of February, 2009 meeting approved

Attending:  Jeffrey Martin, Mary Farnham, Lorraine Dodd, Barry Hickethier, Don Risk, Gayle Bonneville, Brad Rosenberger, Anthony Beard, Kevin Laskowski, Andrea Voss, Rosemarie Heille, Nic Wiederhold, Eric Gilbertson

Discussion of endorsement of CDC Community Vision Statement:
That the WPCC not support the CDC vision statement at this time. - Approved
That the WPCC submit a letter to Markus Harkus of the CDC informing the CDC of the action taken at tonight's meeting. - Approved

Recess and Reconvene as Town Hall of Neighborhood Residents:

Actions Taken by "Town Hall" of Neighborhood Residents:

Declaration of Vacancies and Expired Board Member Terms

Board members whose term is expired: Jeffrey Martin, Barry Hickethier, Gayle Bonneville, Brad Rosenberger, Jill Davis Eric Gilbertson, Nic Wiederhold, Anthony Beard

Nominations opened to fill expired board member terms:
Nominated:  Tim Eian, Jeffrey Martin, Barry Hickethier Nic Wiederhold, Tia Karelson, Anthony Beard, Amy Softich, Jason Schoch

Elections to Fill Expired Board Member Terms: 

Motion:  Since number of candidates equals number of nominees, election to be by "white ballot"(proclamaition) -- Approved.  Elected members are:  Tim Eian, Jeffrey Martin, Barry Hickethier Nic Wiederhold, Tia Karelson, Anthony Beard, Amy Softich, Jason Schoch

Nominations for WPCC Treasurer:  Lorraine Dodd nominated.  No other nominations.  Motion to approve by proclamation.  Motion passes.  Lorraine Dodd elected as Treasurer of WPCC.

Nominations for WPCC Secretary:  Barry Hickethier nominated.  No other nominations.  Motion to approve by proclamation.  Motion passes.  Barry Hickethier elected as Secretary of WPCC.

Nominations and Elections Closed

Discussion of Budget:

Motion: to Accept Budget as proposed (see attached) - Approved

Motion:  To commend Eric Gilbertson, Brad Rosenberger and Gayle Bonneville for their service to WPCC and the Waite Park Neighborhood - Approved (see attached).

Actions of WPCC Board (Other Business):

Neighborhood Community Engagement Commission Report (Gary):  Gary passed out a communication from the NCR with their plans to move forward with the community engagement process (see attached).  Gary's report of the February 21st NRP meeting was that consensus on a process for neighborhoods to select representation was not reached.  At the last NRP policy meeting NRP stated there was consensus and that they were planning on moving forward with a recommendation for a process that includes an elector structure.

Motion:  Request that NRP include the recommended process that WPCC approved at the last meeting when they send out their information and recommendation regarding the NCEC representation plan - Approved

Motion:  To amend the WPCC position regarding the representation process to include no alternates - Approved.

PEN Pathways discussion (Gary):
Two meetings coming up to discuss budget, spending priorities and structure.  One item brought up at the last PEN meeting was to look at ways to reduce busing, while at the same time attempting to allow some options or choice of school.  This may involve changing the designation of some schools from magnet to community or vice-versa.  Within this proposal it's possible that Waite Park might be designated a magnet school rather than a community school.

Motion:  To send a letter to the Minneapolis School Board and PEN stating,
The Waite Park Community Council values the quality of education found at Waite Park Elementary School and Northeast Middle School. We fully expect, that even in these tough economic times, that the commitment to those schools will remain a priority. - Approved.

Announcement about plans for celebration leading up to the Northeast Parade including Waite Park sponsoring a "Push Cart Derby"(Mary):  Meetings the 1st & 3rd Mondays of the month at Tom's Barber Shop.

Garden:  1st annual meeting and sign-up is Saturday, April 11th.  Residents encouraged to participate on the garden committee.

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