WPCC February 2009 Meeting Minutes

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February 4th, 2009

Highlights include:

  • Restorative Justice Community Action Meeting
  • No Summer School at Waite Park in 2009
  • City Meeting Regarding Budget Shortfall
  • NE Bike Task Force Update
  • New Technology Approved for WPCC
  • NE Push-cart Racing Event

Waite Park Community Council
Minutes of Meeting - February 4, 2009

Call-to-Order 7:03 P.M.
Agenda, Minutes and Financial Report Approved
Attending: Mary Farnham, Jeffrey Martin, Lorraine Dodd, Barry Hickethier, Brad Rosenberger, Rosie Heille, Anthony Beard, Nic Wiederhold, Don Risk, Gary Arnsten, Eric Gilbertson

Introduction of Budget Proposal which will be presented for approval at the March Annual Town Meeting

Public Officials & Guest Speakers:
    Restorative Justice Community Action (Steve Larson):  Handouts distributed (see attached).  Organization is working in all of east side.  "Gives community voice in crime and livability issues".  Non-violent offenses.  First community conference is Wed 2/11 at 5:30pm, at Logan Park Community Ctr.  Recidivism rate is very low (15% after 1 year and 30% after 2 years).

•    None.

Committee Reports:
Parks & Rec (Larry Umphrey):  Winter sports in full swing.  Basketball going well.  Monday March, 9 registration opens for spring events.  Giving LaCrosse a try this year.

Community Ed (Tony Walker):  Winter classes are in progress.  After school has 238 enrolled.  Adult dance, computers & language classes are popular.  Group from the U of MN is helping with a "Communication Matters" assessment of communication about programs.  No summer school at Waite this year.

Fall Festival (Mary):  Larry and Tony volunteered to co-chair Fall Festival.

Garden (Rosie):  Rosie introduced Cathy, who is helping the garden with their website.  Sign up is 4/11.

Shoreham Advisory Council (Gayle):  No rpt.  Meeting is always 2nd Monday.

PEN (Andrea):  No rpt.

Northeast Chamber (Barry):  NE Chamber partnering with Edison's entrepreneur club introduced several members at the last meeting.  Most of meeting was meet, greet, introductions and networking.

Waite Park Voice (Gary):  Deadline is next week.

Correspondence (Gary):  Gary passed around a letter from the Mayor announcing that on 2/10 at 7:00pm there will be a meeting at Eastside Neighborhood services to hear from community members about the budget shortfall and prioritization.  There is also a form on the City website asking people the 10 things to keep and 10 things to cut.

NRP/CPED: (Gary)  
Motion:  -- Approved.

NE Bike Task Force (Jeffrey):  Looking at Central Ave as a possible location.  Doing feasibility study.  Bike path will not take away parking spaces.  No city funding.  Will not be in 2009 or 2010.  5th St NE is getting a bike boulevard.  Will likely get some traffic calming features.  Fillmore street project - 4 neighborhoods consulted.  Consultant not yet hired.  Once hired will go back to the neighborhoods for additional feedback.  No action expected until 2010.

Old Business:

Technology Task Force update (Nic & Anthony).  Submitted a proposal packet with various hardware and software specs, a sample newsletter, web hosting and website recommendations and costs.  Total proposal is $2,200 (see attached).

Motion:  To approve the Technology Task force proposal and allocate the funds out to NRP Phase II admin budget.  -- Approved

New Business:

Soap Box Derby (Mary Farnham).  The NE Royalty, Tom's Barbershop and others are trying to revive the soap box derby and block party at Jackson Square (see attached flier).  Mary's recommendation is that the soap box derby may be too dangerous and too expensive and time consuming to administer.  She is recommending instead a push cart event.

Motion:  Allocate $500 for promotion and administration of a "Push-cart race" event as part of the suite of events (around June 20th) - Approved.

8:53 Adjourned.

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