$50 Rebates for Security Upgrades

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The Waite Park Community Council is offering $50 rebates to all Waite Park residents that purchase any security related items after January 1, 2009. While crime numbers in the Second Precinct and Waite Park have gone down this year, we still have a number of burglaries and thefts in our area.

All properties in the Waite Park Neighborhood, both residential and commercial, may receive a rebate without regard to participation in other or previous programs. Simply print out  and complete the application form below and send it in with the original receipt from the item(s) you purchased. Multiple applications may be submitted, but the total of rebates for any property is limited to $50 per property per year.

Eligible Improvements:
  • Exterior security/motion lighting including any necessary wiring and electrical work
  • Exterior steel security doors, including garage access doors
  • Deadbolt locks on exterior doors, including garage access doors
  • Smoke detectors and/or carbon monoxide (CO) detectors
  • Window or sliding door security locks or security restraints
  • Security bars on garage windows or on windows not facing the street
  • Initial installation of a home security system/service, but not monthly monitoring fees.
NOT Eligible:
  • Storm or combination doors not of the all-steel "security" type, even if lockable.
  • Tools
  • Rental charges
  • Personal installation time or "sweat equity"
  • Security system monthly monitoring or service fees
  • Batteries or other consumables

Spend at least $50 on any security related item for your home or business and get $50 back from your neighborhood.


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