WPCC January 2009 Meeting Minutes

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January 7th, 2009

Highlights include:

  • New NE Celebration "We Love Our Presidents" Day
  • CP Ostrow Discusses City Budget Challenges
  • New Waite Park Signage Approved
  • Community Engagement Rep. Selection Process Discussed
  • Block Club Mini-grant Proposal Approved

Waite Park Community Council
Minutes of Meeting - January 7, 2009

Call-to-Order 7:01 P.M.
Agenda, Minutes and Financial Report Approved
Attending: Andrea Voss, Mary Farnham, Jeffrey Martin, Lorraine Dodd, Barry Hickethier, Brad Rosenberger, Rosie Heille, Anthony Beard, Gayle Boneville, Kevin Laskowski, Nic Wiederhold

Motion:  To roll soon expiring CD over -- Approved

Public Officials & Guest Speakers:
    Councilperson Paul Ostrow - New NE celebration, "We Love Our Presidents" on Feb 14, 10:00am to noon, includes a 2 mile walk.  Council has accepted funding for NE bike path project.  Reminder, office hours are first Monday from 8:30 to 11:30.
    Committee of the whole is finalizing the Community Engagement city representative recommendations, which will be presented at an upcoming public meeting.
    Discussion of budget challenges.  City expecting $13 million less. LGA cuts expected as well.  Looking to cut capital projects first.  CP Ostrow is recommending combining duplicate departments and duplicate city/county services where possible.  Roundtable to hear suggestions on 1/28 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at NE Middle School.

•    Residents reported several break-ins between Central and Taylor.  Currently Carol Oosterhaus at 2nd Precinct had very little info.  Brad to follow-up.
•    NE Royalty putting together a "taste of NE" cookbook. (flier attached).

Committee Reports:
Parks & Rec (Larry Umphrey):  Most programs starting in the next week or two.  Athletics numbers down slightly.

Proposal submitted to allocate funds from the Parks & Rec NRP Phase II budget for new sign ($7000) and additional outdoor supervision ($6000) - See attached.   Motion:  To authorize Jeffrey Martin to sign submitted proposal -- Approved

Community Ed (Larry on behalf of Tony Walker): After school programs begin next week - approx 300 kids.  Adult programs begin the following week.

Fall Festival (Mary):  Andrea and Mary agreed to chair again.

Garden (Rosie):  Already getting inquiries.  2nd Saturday in April is sign-up date.

Shoreham Advisory (Gayle):  Meeting reminder - 2nd Monday at Holland office.  Previous Monday the railroad announced that they are putting out RFP's for the 18 acres near Central.

-PEN Andrea agreed to be our new PEN representative.

-Northeast Chamber (Barry):  "Meet the Chamber" breakfast will be 1/21.  Policy forum on 1/23 at the airport Hilton

Waite Park Voice:  Deadline is in 2 days.

Correspondence:  No report, book passed

NRP/CPED:  Motion: To sign the 2009 citizen participation program funding agreement and allocate the $2000 to fund the Waite Park Voice. (see attached)  -- Approved.

NE Bike Task Force (Jeffrey):  Next meeting is 1/24 at the Ritz Theater.

Old Business:

Community Engagement rep selection process:  Dec 6 'all neighborhood" meeting went well, several good proposals.  There is an NRP sponsored meeting on 2/21, they are asking neighborhoods to sign resolution (see attached) to participate.  Discussion.
Motion:  To sign the NRP resolution with an amendment stating "non-binding event" language. -- Approved

New Business:

Open position announced (no nominations).

Block club mini grant proposal submitted by Andrea and discussed.  Approved with minor changes. (see attached - WPCC_block_club_grant_form.pdf )

Allocation of funds for technology computer/software - Motion to table until next meeting passed.

Motion: To nominate Gary Steele to continue as our representative to 2PAC.  - Approved.  Several board members stressed need for improved communication.

Motion:  To set for 1/29 as date for WPCC budget task force meeting and 3/4/2009 as the date for the Annual Town Meeting, and to adopt annual calendar as submitted (attached) - Approved.

Motion: To have Jeffrey Martin complete the Neighborhood Building and Fundraising Survey on behalf of the entire WPCC - Approved.

Motion: To submit recommendations that came out of the "All Neighborhood Mtg" to the NRP - Defeated.

Doron Clark from Windom Park is facilitating a discussion about a proposed household hazardous waste facility to be placed at the old Dayton's Warehouse location.

8:58 Adjourned.

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